1.19 Update (4039c38): Привет, Робо!

As an early holiday gift to Russian robo instructors we have the very first full game translation. Let me say a huge thanks to those that helped translate, in particular Henry Steinway who appeared this week and translated a ton of text pushing the ru work over the line.

As this is the first completed translation there are likely a few spots left with untranslated text & some more improvements to be made to the translation itself. If you see issues or want to improve this, or another, translation head over to big-ab-games/robo-instructus-translation.

  • The first full game translation for Русский (ru).
  • Fix some logic issues when changing language.
  • Support Cyrillic company text & level names.
  • Improve some handling of level names & statistic labels when they're too wide to fit normally.
  • Update code dependencies and compile with rust 1.40.

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