1.27 Update (baa00ea8)

  • Automatically follow execution when paused. So whenever you step forward, or step over, the code view will adjust to where the code execution has moved.
  • Rework window resizing event handling again, this should fix grey screen issues.
  • Avoid/minimise window flashes of white rectangles at startup before the game is ready to render.
  • Windows: Toggle fullscreen/windowed without restarting the game.
  • Update dependencies & compile with rust 1.43.


robo-instructus-mac.zip 96 MB
Version baa00ea8 Apr 25, 2020
robo-instructus-linux.zip 98 MB
Version baa00ea8 Apr 25, 2020
robo-instructus-windows.zip 96 MB
Version baa00ea8 Apr 25, 2020

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