1.28 Update (c42ab8ee)

  • Rewrite the text rendering stack improving performance & supporting .otf fonts in addition to the .ttf fonts the game previously used exclusively.
  • Text tweaks for "company" messages for all languages.
  • Add new fonts Exo2-Bold.otf & Exo2-BoldItalic.otf for Cyrillic languages, in particular the "company" message rendering. This should better match the English look and feel (the fonts used there don't have Cyrillic glyphs). The idea is also to subtlety distinguish from the colony message text.
  • Reveal 2 previously hidden dark stages in Double Detective so this level will have 2 extra visible stages. This should help players getting stuck in the dark on that level.
  • Support some more missing demo translations.
  • Update dependencies & compile with rust 1.43.1.

Read more about the font work on the devblog.

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