1.8 Update (7db4aca)

This week's update lays the ground for improving localization.

  • Add information about the current status of partial translations into the game settings menu. This should give a better idea how well a given language is supported.
  • Dependency updates & code cleanups.

Community translation

Game translation is divided into 6 sections Interface, Tutorials, Company mails, Primer, Function docs, Colony mails.

All game translations made by the community at big-ab-games/robo-instructus-translation. Work to extract the game text is still ongoing. Initially only the Interface & Tutorials texts were ready to translate. But now Company mailsPrimer & Function docs texts are available.

The new translations are written in a simple markup style.

# Loops

`loop` is used to repeat commands. It will repeat the commands in its scope forever. A loop's scope is the commands indented that come after a `loop` line.

robo_forward()  # called once


robo_left()  # never called

Could you translate that? If so raise a pull request at big-ab-games/robo-instructus-translation or send me an email.

Mac support

Mac builds are available on Steam since 1.7, though not yet advertised. This is still true with 1.8. The game, and demo, should download and work on mac. I'd still like to see more reports on how well it's working before I start officially supporting mac. So let me know if the game is working for you.

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