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Robo Instructus

Use programming to guide a robot through offworld labyrinths. · By Big AB Games


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1.13 Update (42494f2)
Support CJK translations in colony messages, function docs, score screen & primer. Update 简体中文 & 繁體中文 translations.
1.12.1 Update (7bd9241)
Prevent input of unprintable characters in the Co private use unicode category. These can be input when using arrow keys in macOS, now possible as non-ascii cha...
1.12 Update (89fea71)
Allow non-ascii character code input, e.g. Cyrillic. Replace Exit Level text button with icon, which will work consistently for all languages. Translation pro...
1.11 Update (cc5c226)
Add Deutsch Function docs translation. Fix missing translated title in de Primer. Fix probo_scan() short doc to correctly reference "current tile". Improve some...
1.10 Update (fa60137)
Add Deutsch Primer translation. Update code dependencies. Thanks to bert2 & Darius Vollmer for the latest Primer translation at big-ab-games/robo-instructus-tra...
1.9 Update (e527cbb) - Mac Support
Make Mac support official. Make one of the hidden stages of Melting Pot visible to make it possible for players to debug a scenario where a few players were get...
1.8 Update (7db4aca)
This week's update lays the ground for improving localization. Add information about the current status of partial translations into the game settings menu. Thi...
1.7 Update (b7c24d1)
Native Mac builds are available on Steam. Mac support is not yet final or advertised on the store page as I'd like for the builds to get a little more testing...
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