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Robo Instructus

Use programming to guide a robot through offworld labyrinths. · By Big AB Games


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1.25 Update (c75a669)
Add auto-correction for window resizing issues causing grey screens & improve related error logging (reported on macos). Update dependencies & compile with rust...
1.24 Update (513fd35)
Fix join issues between facility view background textures, particularly visible at ultra wide aspect ratios on the left hand side repeated textures. Update depe...
6 files — 513fd35
1.23 Update (d1f3d66)
Update window library (winit 0.19 -> winit 0.21) . Rework window resizing event handling, this should fix some rare game & window out of sync sizing issues. Han...
6 files — d1f3d66
1.22 Update (c502c19)
Update ru translations. Update code dependencies...
Use programming to guide a robot through offworld labyrinths.
1.21 Update (7717e6c)
Support translations for "initial code" & "last level code" static branch names. Update ru translation. Update code dependencies...
1.20 Update (810e83c)
Switch live stats font, size and shadow to improve readability and support translations. Support translating the save/load branch UI. Use thin space U+2009 sepa...
1 file — 810e83c
1.19 Update (4039c38): Привет, Робо!
As an early holiday gift to Russian robo instructors we have the very first full game translation. Let me say a huge thanks to those that helped translate, in p...
1.18 Update (4fd1c6d)
Optimise draw performance for 4th act tile assets, reducing draws from ~55 -> ~20 per frame. Update code dependencies...
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