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Robo Instructus

Use programming to guide a robot through offworld labyrinths. · By Big AB Games


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1.31.2 Update (0a0b37af)
Windows: Fix hangs related to minimising. Update window libraries, other code dependencies and compile with rust 1.49...
1.31.1 Update (c2308854)
Linux: Fix missing textures related to shader discard usage. Reduce game size. Update code dependencies and compile with rust 1.48...
6 files — c2308854
1.31 Update (ca600b33)
Fix game being always on top when fullscreen after alt-tabbing. Fix missing trailing newline on paste. Update audio stack, window libraries + other code depende...
1 file — ca600b33
1.30 Update (acc85627)
Full game translation for Deutsch (de) . Update code dependencies and compile with rust 1.47. Many thanks to Darius Vollmer for adding the German colony transla...
1.29.2 Update (5797c33d)
Update de translations. Update dependencies & compile with rust 1.46...
1.29.1 Update (c8810dce)
Fix panic/crash related to transmission between probe & robot after the robot has fallen off the level. Update dependencies & compile with rust 1.45.2...
1.29 Update (cdaee348)
Auto-scroll to errors that occurs during the code run. Auto-scroll to cursor when code is edited with "undo" or "redo". Auto-scroll to the paused code position...
1.28 Update (c42ab8ee)
Rewrite the text rendering stack improving performance & supporting .otf fonts in addition to the .ttf fonts the game previously used exclusively. Text tweaks f...
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